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Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Heat-Transfer Vinyl

In-Stock Heat Transfer Product Blanks

These products are made to order and can take 3-5 business days to purchase product blanks and create your item.

This material is perfect for customizing clothing or objects and is applied with high-temperature heat for a lasting finish.

Basic (Solids and Holographic) Heat-Transfer Vinyl Pricing

2″: 5$

3″: 6$

4″: 7$

5″: 8$


Glitter Heat-Transfer Vinyl Pricing

2″: 6$

3″: 7$

4″: 8$

5″: 9$

Pattern Heat-Transfer Vinyl Pricing

2″: 10$

3″: 11$

4″: 12$

5″: 13$

Need another size? Message to get a specific quote!

📫 Shipping rates (within Canada) start at:

1$ for up to 10 decals under standard letter size 

2$ for up to 20 decals under standard letter size

Oversize lettermail rates start at 3$

Arrival times have been averaging around one (1) week for in-province deliveries. 

Re: COVID-19, I practice best-practice guidelines and am always masked when I leave my home. I sanitize before handling any decal products or tools used to create and ship these products. If you have any concerns please feel free to send me a message.

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