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Vinyl Decal Application Tutorial

Step 1

Your vinyl decal will come with transfer tape pre-applied. Ensure the transfer tape is still adhered firmly to the vinyl by pressing down on the decal through the tape. This can be done by hand or by using a credit card to scrape across the tape.

Step 2

Slowly peel the transfer tape from the back of the vinyl. Ensure to peel the transfer tape from the vinyl so that the vinyl does not bend/curl, this will help the transfer tape lift your design.

Step 3

Line up your design ABOVE the object you intend to use for your decal. Ensure your decal does not touch the object until you are satisfied with the positioning as they are very sticky and difficult to re-position.

Step 4

After cleaning and fully drying your object, adhere your decal to your object and firmly press down from the center outwards to ensure no air is trapped under your design. Pay special attention to more delicate sections of your decal.

Step 5

Slowly begin to peel your transfer tape from the design and your object. Ensure the transfer tape is not lifting any of your design while you peel. If it is, replace the transfer tape and press firmly again on the vinyl so that it adheres.

Step 6

Finish peeling off the transfer tape and reveal your design!

In order to preserve your decal, hand-wash only.

Will adhere to bottles, mugs, laptops, vehicles, tack trunks, and journals! Testing soon on other barn items!

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